Coronavirus – FAQs
1. Does NürnbergMesse GmbH implement security measures such as thermal imaging cameras at the entrances/mouthguards for everyone?
No, according to the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), thermal imaging cameras or "mouthguards for everyone" are not very helpful in the case of the
"coronavirus". Instead, the BZgA recommends good hand hygiene as the most important and effective measure for personal protection.
2. Will Chinese people also participate in the exhibition or will the exhibition deny access to Chinese people?
NürnbergMesse is an international exhibition centre and of course, exhibitors and visitors from China will also take part in our events. There is no reason to deny
access to our exhibitions to persons of a specific nationality – here: from China – for health or safety reasons.

3. Have Chinese exhibitors or visitors already cancelled their visit?
Only Chinese guests from Wuhan have so far cancelled their visit to Nuremberg for understandable reasons – otherwise, we are happy to welcome the world to our
exhibitions in Nuremberg.
4. How does NürnbergMesse GmbH ensure that persons already infected do not enter the exhibition centre?
NürnbergMesse has a well-established and professional emergency management system. Apart from the police and fire brigade, this also includes a first aid station,
which has even been supplemented by interpreters.

5. Are Chinese citizens allowed to enter Germany at all, especially Nuremberg?
Yes, because the freedom to travel is a great good and there are no instructions from German authorities as to why Chinese citizens should be denied entry to

6. Is there no possibility of infection on the exhibition centre?
NürnbergMesse ensures a very high standard of hygiene in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg through a large number of measures such as additional disinfectant
dispensers on the exhibition site and increased cleaning in heavily frequented areas such as entrances, door handles or staircases. Irrespective of the coronavirus, it
can never be ruled out that, despite very high hygiene standards, one can also become infected during a visit to the exhibition.
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